Our team

TTPi is an innovative multi-disciplinary team of electrical, electro-magnetic, mechanical, thermal engineers specializing in design of high speed, high power density converters control of all types.

Mark, Lee and Liliana have worked together on industry led research programs for more than ten years.  The company also draws expertise from a range of University of Nottingham academic specialists.

Photograph of Liz Abrey

Liz Abrey

Operations Manager

Photo of Mark Johnson

Ed Christopher

Senior Engineer

Photo of Lee Empringham

Lee Empringham

Company Director

Photo of Davide Gottardo

Davide Gottardo

Senior Engineer

Photograph of Andrew Gutteridge

Andrew Gutteridge

IT Systems Manager

Photo of Geoff Haynes

Geoff Haynes


Photo of Liliana de Lillo

Liliana De Lillo

Company Director

Photograph of Seksak Pholboon

Seksak Pholboon

Senior Engineer

Photograph of Luca Rovere

Luca Rovere

Senior Engineer

Photograph of Emma Roy

Emma Roy

Technical Assistant