Our team

TTPi is an innovative multi-disciplinary team of electrical, electro-magnetic, mechanical, thermal engineers specializing in design of high speed, high power density converters control of all types.

Mark, Lee and Liliana have worked together on industry led research programs for more than ten years.  The company also draws expertise from a range of University of Nottingham academic specialists.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson Phd

Executive Director

Mark is CTO of TTPi & Director of the EPSRC Power Electronics Centre that co-ordinates UK government funded PE research activities across 12 leading UK Universities.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Lee Empringham

Lee Empringham PHD

Company Director

Lee is leading the Heterogeneous Integration theme of the Centre’s Tranche 2 funded research programs.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Liliana de Lillo

Liliana De Lillo PhD

Company Director

Liliana has been directly funded by industry developing power conversion technology for integrated drives.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Geoff Haynes

Geoff Haynes

Company Director

Geoff is also “Industry Champion” for the PE Centre charged with accelerating funded research to industrial application.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Jordi Espina

Jordi Espina Phd


Jordi has been the lead researcher on several integrated power converter projects and demonstrators.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Robert Abebe

Robert Abebe PHD


Robert is an expert in thermal management and integration.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Mark Johnson

Ed Christopher PhD


Ed has been involved in several projects requiring high performance DSP control, mainly for HV Grid systems.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Geoff Haynes

Davide Gottardo


Davide's research interests include design and control of novel topologies for grid connected power converters for distributed generation and/or energy storage solutions.

ttpi.tech image: Photo of Jane Gott

Jane Gott


Jane rocks.